Little Creatures Dog Days Carton


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Why we love it

Making its debut as a refreshing summer seasonal release, Dog Days quickly became a hophead favourite. With a name that is inspired by the brightest star in the summer sky, the 'Dog Days' are those long, sultry stretches of summer, ideally spent out and about with friends. Passionate fans of this exceptionally flavoured beer expressed a desire to enjoy it throughout the year, and as a result Dog Days was introduced to Little Creatures’ year round range. In addition, for the first time in Little Creatures history they put their finely crafted beer in a can.

Dog Days is a deliciously clean, crisp and hoppy brew. It pours a straw yellow colour with a rocky white head, and releases moreish tropical hop aromas. The flavour is wonderfully peachy with a juicy-fruit hop, and it blends perfectly with the wheat malt. Featuring Cascade, Summit and Mosaic hops, Dog Days delivers a memorable bitterness hit without overwhelming the light malt character of this incredible summer beer.