Pilsner joins our tap family

Fifteen years ago, the classic original Pilsner arrived in Little Creatures’ Fremantle dining hall, and it has been taking over Australia’s heart since day one.

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Made from 100% Pilsner malt and German Perle hops, the Little Creatures Pilsner is a Frisian Pilsner that is hoppy, rugged and gutsy – a slight twist compared to the traditional European style. It has a fuller flavour with earthy bitterness, and the key flavours include fresh hop and cucumber, making it a clean, fruity and floral brew.

Since the early days, the Pilsner has seen quite a few tweaks and changes. The current recipe was created two years ago, when Little Creatures’ head brewer Russ Gosling was challenged to take this brew up a notch, resulting in this distinctive draught that has stood the test of time among the many new emerging craft beers on the scene.

Join our team for a chat over a Pilsner where you can dive deep into the hard work, effort, imagination and fun that goes into making Little Creatures Pilsner what it is.